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A few months ago, I was in a show.

Ever since I've been been thinking of one particular translation, sung one particular way - there's no way to sate this earworm by looking up a recording, it doesn't exist.

So I'm posting the lyrics here; not even sure why.

Solomon Song
German lyrics by Bertholt Brecht, translated by Jeremy Sams for the 1994 Donmar Warehouse production.

It's always swings & roundabouts
There's always highs & lows
Example: please, take Socrates
As wise as he was, his heart was forlorn
He rued the day that he was born

Each human heart knows what it knows
That is why he had to die
His mind was honeycombed with doubts
His wisdom didn't get him very far
He saw how lost we really are

Take Daedalus & Icarus
A most ingenious pair
They both decided they could fly
And soared like a seagull high in the sky
When no-one else would even dare

But as we know - this was not so
That is why they had to die
'Cause men were never meant to fly
And ingenuity's no good at all
If you can fly, then you can fall

It's always swings & roundabouts
It's always black & white
Macheath is now a sorry sight
His lust was so great, but try as he might
He could not beat his appetite

This was his fate - lust laid him low
A tragedy he had to die, but that's the way it seems to go
His passion didn't do him any good
Perhaps he never thought it would?

And that's it. Maybe the 'bittersweet' doesn't come across without the music, but it's got inside my head somehow, like it's trying to tell me something important and I haven't figured out what yet.
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